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Help & Advice:
Funeral Arrangements

The process of making funeral arrangements can be started before the death is officially registered. If the death was sudden, plans can commence before the coroner gives clearance.

Normally, the death will have to be officially registered in order to confirm the exact time and date of the funeral. This applies to getting official coroner clearance regarding cases of sudden death, too.

We advise that you speak with us as soon as possible in order for there to be minimal delay.

Funeral arrangements are usually made during office hours by visiting our premises at a pre-arranged appointment that can be made by contacting us.

We will make home visits in order to arrange the funeral plans if preferred by the family. Please note we endeavour to meet you at your preferred time but this can be subject to our own diary constraints.

We are contactable 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Information on how to contact us can be found here.

When a loved one passes, there can be many things that have to be addressed from a practical point of view when planning a funeral. Below are a small number of items to consider.

Burial or cremation

If it was not made obvious during the person’s lifetime, making the decision between burial and cremation can be difficult. Funeral directors will be able to advise you of the choices available and help you come to a decision in your own time. Please note, that if the chosen option is cremation, there is additional paperwork that will have to be completed by medical professionals.

Personal effects/jewellery

Funeral directors should be advised at the earliest opportunity should the family wish any items to be returned to them. Funeral directors should obviously be told if any effects are to be removed before the deceased is taken from the home.

Urgent requests/issues

If the family of the deceased had any particular requests that could be deemed as urgent then obviously the funeral directors should be informed as soon as possible. Please let us know if the person has a funeral plan in place.