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Help & Advice:
Practical Concerns

When a loved one passes, there can be many things that have to be dealt with from an administrative point of view. Many of the items we have listed are not obvious but in our experience, these can be the small jobs that make a huge difference.

If the affairs of the person who has passed away are not clear, we would recommend that you speak with a legal professional who can guide you through the process in a thorough manner.

Please bear in mind that the below list is not exhaustive and is simply our advice. It should not be interpreted as legal advice.

Organisations and businesses that you should consider contacting:

  • Home insurance – the policy may be invalid if the provider has not been made aware that the home is unoccupied.
  • Car insurance – if the policy is in the name of the deceased, any additional drivers named on the policy are no longer insured once the policyholder has died. Make sure the documentation is changed to reflect the new situation.
  • Social services/district nurses – if there is equipment belonging to either of these it must be returned.
  • Hospital and/or family doctor – any outstanding appointments or repeat prescriptions may need to be cancelled.
  • Employer or professional association
  • Inland Revenue*
  • Social Security* – form 344/BD8 needs to be completed to cancel any direct payments into the deceased’s bank account. This white certificate is provided by the Registrar of Deaths.
  • Local council* – cancel any housing/rate benefits and council tax.
  • Utilities – gas, electric, water, telephone, television, broadband providers.
  • Post Office – arrange redirection of mail.
  • Credit and store cards – cancel cards and settle accounts.
  • Banks and Building Societies – accounts need to be closed and any joint accounts need to be amended. Any debit cards should be returned or destroyed.
  • Investment, insurance and pension policies – premium bonds are not transferable. The Post Office will issue you with a form that needs to be sent to the Bonds and Stocks Office. For further advice, we suggest that you consult an independent financial adviser or accountant.
  • DWP (Department of Work & Pensions)* – you may be entitled to a means-tested funeral payment. For those on or below a pensionable age, this is not means-tested.

Here is a list of items and services that you may need to consider cancelling:

  • Milk
  • Newspapers
  • Meals on wheels
  • Home help/cleaner
  • Chiropodist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Dentist
  • Optician
  • Doctor
  • Hairdresser
  • Gardener

The Bereavement Register will be of help in stopping unwanted mail to the deceased.

Items to be returned

  • Passport* – return to The Passport Office, UK Passport Agency, 5th Floor, India Building, Water Street, Liverpool
  • Driving Licence* – return to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AB.
  • Vehicle registration documents to change name of ownership – return to DVLA as above to be amended.
  • Car insurance – to change policy holder’s name or apply for a refund on the policy.
  • Television licence* – to change name or apply for a refund.
  • Season tickets and club membership cards – refunds may be available. Check with the clubs on an individual basis.
  • Library card and books on loan* – return to the library.
  • National Insurance papers*

*This may be covered by the Tell Us Once Service at the registration.